CBT will involve your cock and balls. I will inflict anything from a little discomfort to severe pain. I will gauge your thresh hold and take you to your limits. The cock and ball torture I perform may involve slapping, stretching, flogging, kicking, binding, pinching, tickling.. I have MANY more ways of inflicting pain on a cock and balls. It is one of my favourite things to do. Over time I have dreamt up all sorts of ways to perform CBT. CBT is both physically and mentally highly erotic for a slave, and I know exactly how to take you to that place of erotic CBT heaven(..or hell, it depends how you view it). There are many tools and toys that I use during CBT sessions. I often incorporate binding o the balls during CBT. This delays orgasm and creates a heightened sense of sensitivity. If you are lucky enough to be subjected to stretching during a cock and ball torture session with me them you really will be in for a treat. I use ball stretchers with weights to provide a tugging sensation on the balls and have also been known to use hot wax during CBT.

I offer 121 meetings in Cardiff, UK as well as Webcam/Phone sessions.

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