Hypno Domination

I absolutely love Hypno-Domination. I am an expert in this area of domination. All to often your deepest and truest desires dwell in your subconscious mind and are repressed, even suppressed and denied. The conditioning of the conscious egoic mind can make it challenging and almost impossible to allow you to fully surrender to your longings. During hypno domination with me all these barriers can melt away..

First I will make sure that you are aroused and excited, whilst in that place I will proceed with the hypnosis. I will guide you deeper and deeper into a sate of trance. There I will explore your deepest submission fantasies and work to remove all inhibitions you may have.

During the state of hypnosis (AKA trance) you will experience conscious suspension. In this sate you may or may not be aware of my words. Either way you will be subconsciously susceptible to all suggestions I make. You will ultimately become amerced in a world where you are deeply submissive to me.

I will guide you through hypnosis using my beautiful mesmerising voice. You will experience a visualisation that is crystal clear and emotionally charged. It will feel real, mentally, emotionally and physically. As a result your body will psychologically experience the visualisation and my suggestions as real, your reality.

Each slave will experience a different level and state of Trance. Even a light state of trance will result into a deep and devoted submission to me, your beautiful and powerful Goddess and Mistress.

My hypnotic suggestions will become your world, and you will be desperately keen to please and please me.

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