Fetish & Domination

For all you useless and unruly slaves who dream of being dominated by a stunning, cruel and controlling goddess.... I will control your body and mind, train you into your submissive role. I understand and exercise that the sense of ultimate control over a person comes from invading their most personal of spaces, mentally as well as physically, this leads to the ultimate in submission. The following are just a few of the services I offer;

* Anal training

* Ball busting

* Bi sessions

* Biting

* Blackmail

* Body worship

* Bondage (straps, restraints, ropes,

chains & sleep sacks)

* Breath Play (Hand, Hood & Bagging.

Not Extreme)

* CBT (cock and ball torture) crushing,

binding, trampling, weights

* Canning

* Chastity

* Chastity training

* Clothes Female Naked Male (CFNM)

* Cock, ball and nipple torture

* Confinement & Isolation

* Corporal Punishment (CP)

* Cross Dressing

* Cuckolding

* Degradation

* Domestic discipline

* Domestic duties

* Double Dom with Master Stone

* Edging

* Face slapping

* Fart Fetish/Farting

* Feminization

* Financial domination

* Fisting

* Flogging

* Foot, Shoe & Boot Worship

* Gagging/Gag Fetish

* Hardsports

* Hot wax play

* Humiliation

* Hypno domination

* Interrogation

* Orgasam control

* Orgasam denial

* Over the knee spanking

* Paddling

* Period Play/Period blood domination

* Pet training

* Rattan Whipping

* Role play

* Roman Showers (Vomit)

* Rubber/Latex fetish

* Ruined orgasam

* Sensory deprivation

* Shaving

* Sissification

* Sissy training

* Sjambok Whipping

* Slave Training

* Smoking Fetish

* Smothering

* Spanking

* Spitting

* Sploshing

* Strap-on

* TV makeover

* Tickle torture

* Toilet training

* Vac-U-Lock Strapon

* Verbal humiliation & domination

* Wartenberg wheel (Pinwheel) torture

* Water sports

* Wax play & torture..and so much more..

If there is any other treatment, training or punishment you desire or if you would like to book a session, send me an email or call me. I look forward to filling you with fear with the look in my eyes and bringing you to your knees with a mere whisper..


I will take you to a new level of humiliation like you have never known before. I will find out what sort of loser you are, what your weaknesses and dirty fantasies are. I will use them against you, ridicule and torment you until you are close to tears begging for mercy...and guess what, you wont get it. Maybe you have a maggot sized cock, or you are a dirty cock sucker in your dreams, whatever your weakness are I will exploit them. The best thing is you will pay me for the privilege of being my verbal punch bag. You will shower me with your hard earned cash. There is no greater degradation and humiliation than paying me to mock, torment and laugh at you.


Does the thought of your personal information wither it is work, colleagues or any other details being held over you like a weight around your neck make your pathetic worm of a cock twitch and your heart race? I get a thrill from making you feel desperate and living on edge, wondering what I will do next. We may have a agreement between us for a set period of time. We might have a certain amount of tasks, orders or demands and payments to be made before you are released from my spell. You will be taken to a new height of senses and mental stimulation when you realise that a superior, stunning and beautiful Goddess holds the future of your career or any other area of your life in her soft and precious hands.

Sissy Training

I will train you into becoming a real sissy slut, take you into the sissy world. You may have been yearning for it for years, maybe you have been secretly dressing up when no one is looking, perhaps you have worn woman panties to work. With me you will explore make up, wigs, walking in heels and womens clothes and lingerie. By the time I've finished with you, you will be a real sissy slut ready to be controlled and at my mercy.


I offer a one of a kind strap on experience, completely tailored to your needs. Wither you are an inexperienced novice or more experienced and looking for a thrilling and exciting encounter I can cater for your anal play desires and fantasies. I have a whole array of anal toys, trainers and various strap ons. Including the famous "Vac U Lock" strap-on with various sizes of cock attachments, ranging from small to extra large.


You will not be allowed to stroke your pathetic, worm of a cock unless I give you permission to do so. Imagine how it will feel to be tormented by not being allowed to touch, stroke and fondle your cock until I decide to give you permission to do so, imagine the release and intensity of the relief. I will decide how long your chastity training will go on for. You will only be allowed to cum when I give you permission and only whilst I either see you in person, watch you on cam or listen to you on the phone. I will be in complete control of your pain and your pleasure.

Foot/Shoe/Boot Fetish

My feet are beautiful and dainty. My toes are always stunning with well kept nails. I change my nail polish every few days. I love different colours and sparkle. My feet look amazing naked or covered in stunning sexy socks or stockings. I have a dazzling collection of shoes and boots. My beautiful feet are mesmerising when adorned in knee high boots as they are in heels, you will beg to be allowed to worship them. I can also use my beautiful feet, shoes and boots to crush your worm of a cock and peanut balls, even kicking you hard until you beg for mercy.

Financial Domination

I love financial domination because I love to be in control, worshiped, spoilt and have my every whim pampered to. I will spend your hard earned cash, drain you of every penny you have, I might even drive you to financial ruin if you are lucky and keep you entrapped, serving me for the rest of your life. I will be the centre of your world when you submit to me. I will be what you crave, what you look forward to, what you work for and live for. Financial domination is not only an incredibly sexually intense fetish but a way of life. Power, control and money go hand in hand together. You will experience a sexual gratification, and a vast emotional surge from the act of giving to tributes to me. Financial domination gives a slave fulfilment seldom found in other fetishes. Fulfilment and pleasure working for their Goddess who is far greater than themselves. As my money slave you will to be mine.

..this is just a short list of the domination, fetish and fantasies I cater for. If there is any other BDSM fantasy you desire to explore you can contact me to discuss it and take it further.

I offer 121 meetings in Cardiff, UK as well as Skype/Phone sessions.

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